SEO consulting
on business growth.

We start with you.

With our thorough understanding of ecommerce, development SEO and marketing, we collaborate with you to create a solution that is specific to your needs.

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What we do

Ecommerce SEO experts.

We are specialist ecommerce SEO consultants.
When you focus on results, hit targets and achieve KPI's, growth follows. Multi-channel agencies often lack the skills required at the level of detail we offer.

Deep Insights & support.

Working with us is frictionless. We take a proactive approach to service and integration with your team. We empower you with more than surface-level SEO.

Understanding your business is critical to your success. Our insights are supported with data, how-to videos, detailed development briefs and guides.

Tailored SEO solutions.

We become your SEO team. We give you an options that suit your budget, situation, timeframes and resources. Let us take care of the channel while you get on with what you do best.

Our services

Technical SEO Consulting

Technical SEO Consulting

We break down all issues in detail, with screenshots, code examples, priority scores and mock-ups doing all of that in your chosen ticketing system. We know how to work with dev and product teams.
Competitive Intellegence

Competitive Intelligence

We understand your market, your targets, KPIs and your competition. We find gaps, opportunities and paths-of-least-resistance getting you better results.
SEO Content Production

SEO Content Production

SEO content is far more than just keywords. We understand tone, brand, conversion as well as the journey to getting rankings. We both produce ‘“normal’” SEO content and 10X, linkbait content strategies.
Google Penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery

You might have been hit by a Google penalty and that’s the reason your traffic has tanked. We do deep dives into data to find and fix the source of explicit, manual action penalties as well as wider, subtler algorithmic SEO penalties.


Concise Communication

This “soft skill” is probably the single most important one of all. We pride ourselves in crystal clear communication. We provide a dedicated Slack channel, weekly catch-up meetings plus a living, breathing project board in Trello with all the bells and whistles.
Analytics & Data

Insights Through Analytics & Data

We work with your team to get the correct tracking and reporting set up for accurate SEO analytics. We assist with Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Tag Manager and other platforms to track campaign success and identify opportunities.


What Does an SEO Service Cost?

Let's talk price! Firstly, we don't have "SEO Packages". Those silly options where you choose x-number of keywords per month at different prices is farcical. We offer a real, robust SEO solution, so let's start a conversation and find the budget that suits you and your needs.

Fill in our contact form and we'll get in touch. In the mean time, have a think if a once-off Roadmap style offering is best for you, or a fuller, longer, more in-depth campaign is what you really need.

Choose From 3 Ways To Work With Us



We deliver a detailed roadmap of all issues, their solutions and detailed guides to solving each issue and nailing your strategies. This is a once-off cost.

This is perfect for companies that don't want a full SEO campaign and feel that with the right knowledge that their in-house team can

Also great for sites busy with a re-design or site re-build.

(Includes 2 weeks of free support)


Full SEO campaign with all services at a maximum of 6 months. We feel we can get results for any client in 6 months or less.

You can cancel at any time.

Perfect if you know you need SEO, but need someone to champion it and drive initiatives.

(Upgrade from an audit & get the original cost of the audit paid back to you)
Full Service

Full Service

Looking for serious results?

Get the full SEO service. This includes an audit, tech, content, analytics, and 10X content strategies, plus their execution.

(We can take care of everything needed to produce all the assets or we can keep costs down by working with your team’s spare resources)

The Cartello Story

After spending  years working for client-side ecommerce companies, Paul and Pierre built up new ideas and processes to avoid watered-down, poor-support, surface-level SEO that companies had been forced to tolerate for so long.

Cartello was born out of the frustration they felt once they knew they could serve customers better and achieve more remarkable results for their clients.