Our focus lies in helping you grow. Before we discuss anything else, let's estimate your return on running an SEO campaign with Cartello. To begin, we'll run a market analysis, scanning 10,000 keywords associated with your site, creating a growth estimate as our jumping-off point.

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Let us show you what your Opportunity Data could deliver.

To really commit to SEO, you need an idea of what return you can expect. We walk you through your market, the opportunity available to you and what that means for your bottom line.

How can Opportunity Data help you grow?

Opportunity reports

Our Opportunity Report takes current SEO data from your site, projecting future traffic levels after a Cartello SEO campaign.

First, we begin by pulling the top 10,000, non-brand key terms bringing traffic to your site over the past year. Then, by evaluating each key term, its difficulty, your market competition, the nature of the current search results and your site's SEO optimisation level, we make predictions on the growth of that key term after a six month SEO campaign.
Taking these new figures, we can then work with you, making projections on sales and revenue.

This kind of empirical approach to SEO growth is rare to find and we would love to discuss the opportunity it brings to your results.

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What does Opportunity Data do for you?

Calculate ROI

SEO is a powerful channel, but it can be hard to quantify. This report looks at your current SEO traction and makes projections you can use to calculate the return of an SEO campaign.

Motivate for SEO

A report like this, combined with a project proposal and sample Roadmap makes motivating for SEO easy. Let Cartello give you all the tools to confidently motivate for SEO.

Track Campaign Benchmarks

Opportunity Data also gives you a great sense of where things are right now. We use this report to set up tracking of your campaign's key KPIs, helping you monitor your results.

Sounds good, what next?

To identify your growth opportunity, get in touch and request your free Opportunity Data Report.

Once you get in touch, we'll set up a first call to discuss your Opportunity Data. This will help us determine which of our approaches is best suited to your needs.

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Learn more about our Approaches.

If the Opportunity Data Report sounds good, the next thing to learn is our unique plans.

Instead of flat packages, we have three Approaches. Depending on your site, goals, targets, history and in-house resources, one of these broad Approaches will be perfect for you. Get started by determining the Approach that suits your needs.