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Cartello has helped many sites recover from unexpected traffic drops. We diagnose sudden drops in traffic, formulate action plans and help you recover your traffic.

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We can recover your SEO traffic.

What is a Google penalty?

Google's algorithm updates and manual actions can cause havoc if applied to your site.

If you've experienced a sudden drop in organic SEO traffic, there is probably a good reason.

Our extensive experience allows us to diagnose and prescribe fixes to Google’s algorithm updates and manual penalty actions.

We find the cause of your traffic drop.

Google makes hundreds of changes to their algorithm every year and staying on top of all those changes is a full time job.

Changes in quality signals, web standards and quality guidelines mean that you are vulnerable to drops in traffic without warning and without clear recourse. We have experience in diagnosing and finding solutions to these traffic drops. Our processes evaluate onsite and offsite data to find the root cause of your traffic declines.

SEO Recovery plan

Cartello's recovery plan.

Our recovery plan takes the form of an SEO Roadmap, with the focus in finding and mitigating the causes of the traffic drop.

Before we build a recovery plan for you, we'll consult with you and your team on the history of the domain and the nature of the traffic drops. We'll request access to your Google Analytics, Search Console and any historical ranking data you may have. (See our NDA section for peace of mind in how we ensure your data's safety). We'll formulate a recovery plan, detail all the steps involved, KPIs associated with the recovery and set up reporting specific to the recovery.

We might need to delve deeper into your SEO history by looking at any link buying that may have taken place and we may have to begin a process of removing any toxic links pointing to your site.

Sounds good, what next?

Recovery Roadmap Request

Our traffic recovery support service is a very specific type of SEO Roadmap. Get in touch with us and let's discuss everything that's required to regain lost traffic.

Request a Roadmap and tell us about what happened to your traffic. You can also let us know of any related issues that may be related.

Let’s Talk

Analysis, Sample Roadmap & Proposal

We'll analyse current and past traffic data, then set up a first call where we can discuss some of the most important requirements. We'll send you a cost proposal and a timeline of the SEO aspects of the recovery.

Learn more about Satisfaction Guarantee, SLAs and NDAs to find out more about our processes.


Approval & Data Access

If you like what you see in the proposal and give the go-ahead, we'll start work on the recovery.

We may request access to all data sources pertinent to SEO recovery as well as access to any other accounts involved with potentially harmful activities that may have taken place.

We work with your teams to ensure the best results.


Delivery, Cleanup & Reporting

After the key SEO elements are identified we'll begin the cleanup process. This may involve briefing in onsite changes to your tech team or doing link-removal requests.

We'll make sure Google is updated, redirects are checked and all elements were correctly done. We also give you two free weeks of support after the go-live date.

Get Started

Looking for more after your recovery?

After a successful traffic recovery, it's worth looking into one of our extended Campaigns for growing your SEO from here on out.

Upgrade from a recovery plan to an SEO Campaign and get the cost of the recovery refunded.


Let’s get your recovery underway.

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