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To be successful at modern SEO you have to collaborate with every department and be disciplined. Simple, per-keyword, packaged SEO just doesn't cut it anymore. We work with you and your team for holistic results.

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We work with every department

Every time something changes on your site, SEO can be hurt or improved.

Whether it's an SEO bug that occurs after an update from your developers that causes a traffic drop or missing keywords from your new seasonal catalogue, even the smallest changes can have far more impact than you realise.

Getting SEO right is far more than just keyword packages, linkbuilding or a few blog posts. Modern SEO is cross-discipline, and that's exactly what we do best. We provide incredible support to every SEO touchpoint in your company.

Marketing Team & SEO

SEO is a channel that drives customer acquisition and growth. Cartello works with your marketing team to meet your sales, revenue and marketing goals. We understand the role SEO plays in your overall marketing mix and how it interplays with other channels. We integrate with your marketing calendar, create content marketing guides and help you perfect your plans.

Product Team & SEO

We work with you to ensure that SEO and all components of the site is working together and encompassing the vision of the entire unit. Whether you are improving UX or CMS features or optimising the shopping experience, we form part of your team to ensure that traffic levels are maintained and improved.

Content Team & SEO

SEO is synonymous with content but is your content team up to date with SEO? Are their processes optimised when they produce content, do they know how to do keyword research or know which keywords to use? Whatever content your team produces, we can work with them to improve their SEO.

Development & SEO

We work hand-in-hand with your dev team, spotting bugs before they roll out, helping design technical SEO feature specs and offering support when any tech change is planned. With our custom, technical guides, video breakdowns, clear and concise SEO briefing and ticketing, we are the support team your developers need.

Production & SEO

Whether you are putting up or checking SKUs or product descriptions or ensuring that CMS systems are working, we ensure that SEO forms part of every product or CMS feature. We are experts at optimising product listings and laying out CMS features that tackle duplication, out-of-stock handling, catalogue changes and other tasks.

Analytics / Business Intelligence & SEO

Your resources are finite. Without knowing which marketing channels and activities are working, you will be wasting time and money.

You will also miss out on profit from channels that are working, because instead of doubling down on these channels, your budget will be spread across both profitable and unprofitable channels.

We assist with technical specifications for setting up Google Analytics and enhanced ecommerce. We work with your development team to deploy data layers and tags that offer valuable insights into channel performance.

Executive Level & SEO

Cartello offers full SEO oversight of all key departments, giving you peace of mind knowing that everyone is working towards organic growth. We report back on progress, results and opportunities by putting key metrics in front of you through an intelligent dashboard. We're the SEO team you've been struggling to find.

Mobile Marketing & SEO

With one in four dollars spent on mobile, Ecommerce mobile SEO is more important than ever. Mobile is now central to shopping online and, at Cartello, we put mobile first. We consult on every journey of a mobile shopper.

Whether it is Google's Mobile First Index, AMP, app indexing or single page web applications, responsive design, page speed optimisation or voice search, we make sure you have an approach that aligns itself to Google's core algorithm.

User Experience (UX) & SEO

Getting SEO right at the expense of UX is a bad idea. Often, SEO requirements get in the way of good UX or never make it into the UX process.

Whenever you design a new page or alter a page's elements, decision flow or onpage copy, an opportunity for improved SEO arrives. We work with UX teams to take hold of those opportunities.


You may already have an in-house SEO / SEM team. We work with your team, providing oversight, workshops, audits and roadmaps to make sure you have a sound SEO strategy.

We do weekly meetings and provide detailed tickets, guides and how-to videos that help your in-house SEO specialist get buy-in from developers and optimise this key channel more efficiently.

Catalogue & SEO

Information architecture and SEO are both critical aspects of developing an Ecommerce site. We work closely with catalogue teams to ensure that your category structure is aligned with shopper search demand.

The way that product types and attributes are assigned as categories, subcategories and filters impact which pages the Ecommerce platform will generate and how they’re interconnected in the navigation, both of which impact SEO.

We identify gaps where you are losing valuable traffic. We make sure that changes in the catalogue and seasonality are handled correctly without losing traffic and sales.

Purchasing & SEO

Retail department is the heart of Ecommerce. We conduct workshops to align buyers with your SEO strategy. We identify top-performing products and work with buyers to optimise listings, creating unique targeted product descriptions sprinkled with important retail keywords.

We are experts at optimising product listings and laying out CMS features that tackle key tasks including duplication, out-of-stock handling and catalogue changes.

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