An SEO Campaign is far more than just keywords and links. Cartello's Campaigns encompass every detail required for SEO success and we provide the driving force to bring everything to fruition. We're confident we can get you lasting results in six months or less. Put us to the test to see for yourself.

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What is a Campaign?

A holistic SEO project driven and championed by Cartello.

Our Campaigns comprise every single aspect needed to succeed with modern SEO.

It is almost impossible to be successful at SEO with the surface level approach offered by other providers. Cartello’s SEO Campaigns cover technical SEO and content strategy, integrating with your Ecommerce departments and offering goal-setting, in-depth site health, extensive reporting and may other areas that the average agency fails to cover.

You get an SEO team overnight

With a Campaign, you get a six month SEO Campaign included for free.

Unlike our Roadmap-only solution, Campaigns are driven by your new SEO team: Cartello. We map SEO goals with measurable KPIs and reporting cycles. We set up a dedicated Slack channel with your team for 24 hour support, and, most importantly, we drive an important channel for you in your business.

Perfect for serious results and busy teams

SEO is an important channel for you, but with so many things going on, you need a team that can drive initiatives, take the lead and take ownership of the channel.

We integrate with your various departments, from marketing all the way to UX, development, branding, retail, product and SEM. SEO is multi-faceted and we work with all the players client-side.


Prioritised, Scheduled & Reported

Campaigns build on Roadmaps by going a few steps further.

We give every item a priority score and consult with your team on those scores. We then tackle the highest impact items first by setting up, and running a project schedule, which includes weekly status meetings. We offer a wide range of individual services that include reporting among a dozen others.


24 Hour Support & Dedicated Slack Channel

With so many considerations and touch points, true SEO consulting gets complicated very quickly.

That makes communication essential to avoid misunderstandings and issues. We don't use account managers to communicate with you throughout your campaigns. Instead, we prefer to take a different approach. Our experts work directly with your team. Read more about getting started with Cartello to see how we work.

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A Contract That Works For You

Our SEO Campaigns are a maximum of six months.

Why six months? We believe we can get results for any site we work with in that time. Most SEO companies lock you in for a year. You can cancel at any time and our Satisfaction Guarantee is covered by our Service Level Agreements. Learn more about our SEO contracts to see how they work.


Roadmaps are the foundation

SEO Roadmap Included

Our Campaigns include a free six month Roadmap that outlines everything you need for SEO success.

With a Campaign, you get the benefit of our expert team acting as your very own experienced SEO manager and SEO team wrapped into one. We take time to work through every issue, with integration with your chosen ticketing system and all challenges, solutions and KPIs explained at every step of the way.

Prioritised & Scheduled

SEO Project Management

With Campaigns, Cartello takes each item in the Roadmap and breaks it out into a proposed project timeline.

Every item in the timeline is linked to the project ticket and progressed is tracked. Each item is also given a priority score according to its impact, business value and complexity.

Expert support - Not account managers

24/7 SEO Support

We create a dedicated Slack channel to share with you and your team.

Our expert team members are there to drive and support all SEO topics. You’ll never have to deal with account managers. We share insights, reports, bespoke SEO guides and any ad-hoc topics that come up during a robust SEO campaign

Expert support - Not account managers

SEO Reporting

Before the campaign commences, we set up reporting in Google Data Studio.

Our reports are custom-built and created to focus on the important elements of an SEO Campaign: SEO revenue, SEO transactions and SEO non-brand sessions.

Sounds good, what next?

Let's help you look at your growth opportunity.

Get in touch with us and request your free Opportunity Data Report. If you’d rather know more about pricing before you delve into our detailed Approaches, you can view our quote process.

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Request your no-obligation Campaign.

Campaigns are designed for companies that are serious about SEO results and fixing any SEO issues who don't have the capacity or team to execute.

Our Campaigns span a maximum of six months and can be cancelled at any time.

6 month Campaign quote - cancel at any time.

Request a Campaign quote today and receive our Opportunity Data Report free of charge.

This report is a robust, 10,000-keyword analysis of your site, showing the traffic and sales increases you can expect after a Cartello Campaign. Don't expect the low-quality, robotic reports you've seen from other SEO agencies.

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Your satisfaction guaranteed.

All of our Campaigns are covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee and supported by our Service Level Agreement that includes an NDA to keep all your data and information safe.

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