We don't believe in fixed SEO packages. Success in modern SEO involves far more than a few services designed around a x number of keywords each month. How do we price our services? It's simple. We discuss your unique situation and requirements and determine a price that is suited to your needs.

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Our Process

A detailed explanation of how we determine costs.

Rather than giving you a few isolated services and hoping for success, we do things a little differently. Unlike other SEO companies, we take a holistic approach to SEO, immersing ourselves in your business.

This is why quoting is more complicated than listing a few set prices. We survey your market, create a sample plan-of-action and consult with you to determine the level of involvement you require.

Here’s how we prefer to do things at Cartello...

Step 1

Opportunity Data

After getting in touch and outlining your situation, we take a look at your site.

Using various tools, we pull data on your domain and do a top-level analysis of your SEO. We look at basic optimisation opportunities, historical ranking, traffic data and other sites in your niche and market.

Using our signature process, we determine your market opportunity using a set of 10,000 keywords as data-points. We then prepare a report that outlines our findings.

We'll then arrange a free, no-obligation phone call to discuss your SEO opportunity, challenges and timings, along with our working methods.

Step 2

First Call & Approach

In this call, we'll present our findings in the Opportunity Data Report and discuss your goals, targets and team structure.

We'll prepare a sample Roadmap with milestones that outline our focus areas. We'll also give you a taste of our outstanding support, project management and SEO leadership.

From there, you can choose the Approach that suits your needs. Each gives you access to over a dozen individual services, delivering results for you and your business.

Step 3

Project Proposal & Quote

The next step is to compile a project proposal and quote that is valid for several working days.

The proposal includes a draft project outline of the milestones and timelines we aim to achieve. If you chose a Roadmap, an expanded version will be included.

Along with the proposal, we will also provide a quote along with our Service Level Agreements and Non-Disclosure agreements. Once these are approved, we'll get started.

Where to from here?

Get in touch with us using the form below and we'll prepare a custom-made quote and project proposal.

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