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Let's take you through Cartello's process. After getting a clearer idea of your business and goals, we set up a no-obligation call to discuss potential Approaches and pricing. After that, we can provide cost and timing estimates.

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Getting started with Cartello is simple.Send us your details and we'll prepare a free, no-obligation Opportunity Report, milestone overview and sample Roadmap tailored to your domain and region. We discuss your goals, then help you find the best Approach to suit your requirements. We then give you a project estimate and proposal. Once you're ready to go ahead, we can finalise your customised plan and get started.

Step 1

Opportunity Data & First Call

Tell us your goals, targets and SEO requirements.

We'll take your goals and objectives, presenting a market analysis based on 10, 000 of your most relevant keywords as well as your site, niche and online competition. We'll then schedule a no-commitment call to discuss our findings and explain what you can expect from an SEO campaign.

Read more about Opportunity Data Reports.
Step 2

Our Pitch & Approach

We have three broad Approaches tailored to your goals, targets, team and unique situation.

We'll show you how a Cartello project would work and help you choose the best Approach for your unique goals, targets, team and situation.
We then present your potential campaign and give you a cost estimate. ‍

Read more about how we determine pricing.
Step 3

Approval & Commercials

If this all sounds good to you, we can discuss a potential contract.

We prepare and send over a proposed Service Level Agreement for you to consider and revise as needed. At this stage, we also include a Non-Disclosure-Agreement that protects all your sensitive information and data while working with Cartello.

Read more about our contracts and agreements.
Step 4

Signatures & Kick-Off

Once you’re on-board, we'll start by creating a full version of the Roadmap presented to you earlier. This includes everything we aim to cover in six months, as well as a timeline breakdown.

After you've reviewed and approved the commercial agreements, we get to work. We’ll have project kick-off meeting and introduce ourselves to your various team members, taking everyone through the project goals, KPIs, timelines and reports.

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Ready to get started?

Get a free, no-obligation proposal.

We'll gather your opportunity data
We'll present a sample project
We'll discuss approaches and pricing options
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