Cartello's team of experts have overseen dozens of large Ecommerce site rebuilds. We've seen all the mistakes, bugs and missed opportunities that sites suffer. Let Cartello catch all of those and you can hit the ground running.

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Rebuilds - the perfect time to fix your SEO.

SEO's role in a Rebuild

You're planning on rebuilding your site and you know SEO is important, but you're not sure what needs to happen.

Whether you are changing frameworks, moving domains or planning any other rebuild, SEO is often only considered once you go live.

When you get your tech, development, UX, content and other teams on board with Cartello, rebuilds become far less stressful and far more successful.

Rebuild properly from the ground up with SEO.

Rebuilding without an SEO plan can affect your traffic and rankings.

These effects can last months or even years. You may have built up SEO value over time, which can be easily lost when you fail to rebuild with SEO in mind. We work with your UX and tech teams to make sure that historical SEO value is retained, identifying risk areas and room for improvement.

SEO Rebuild Roadmap & support

Cartello's rebuild plan & support

The foundations of our rebuild support are included in our Roadmap offering.

Our rebuild support takes the form of an SEO Roadmap, with a focus on all the issues associated with the new site.

Before we get started, we'll consult with you and your team to discuss timelines, technologies, content mapping, UX wireframes and everything else needed for a smooth rebuild.

We've got plenty of experience with rebuilds, technical SEO and UX, making us better equipped than most to help you with your rebuild. We provide a Roadmap to help guide you through your new site's challenges, along with a dedicated support channel and two weeks of post-launch support.

Sounds good, what next?

Rebuild Roadmap Request

Our rebuild support service is a very specific type of SEO Roadmap. Get in touch with us and let's have a call to discuss everything that's required to make this a success. Request a Roadmap with us and tell us about your rebuild, the technologies involved and what timeline you are considering for your rebuild.

Let’s Talk

Analysis, Sample Roadmap & Proposal

Using the information available, we'll create a sample of the rebuild Roadmap you'd require. We can discuss details of the rebuild and typical SEO issues associated with your technologies, goals and processes. We'll then send a cost proposal and a timeline of the SEO aspects of the rebuild.

Learn more about Satisfaction Guarantee, SLAs and NDAs.

Approval & Team Introductions

If you like what you see in the proposal and give the go-ahead, we'll schedule an introduction with dev, UX, marketing and other departments. We'll then begin working on all the SEO rebuild elements. We can provide feedback on designs and staging site code, and build measurement, bug reporting and KPI reporting tools to prepare for launch.


Delivery, Go-Live & Free Support

From there, we deliver a Roadmap of rebuild issues, using the current rebuild data, plans and code available. We present this and open your support channel while your project is in progress. We'll be available for weekly progress calls and advise on areas involving SEO right up until launch. We'll also set up reporting to quantify our success.

Get Started

Looking for more after your rebuild?

If you're very satisfied with Cartello's rebuild support of your new site, perhaps it's worth looking into one of our extended Campaigns for more SEO success.

Upgrade from a rebuild plan to an SEO Campaign and get the cost of the migration paid back to you.


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