Our team of experts has migrated several large ecommerce websites, successfully growing traffic and reducing site errors.

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Bad migrations can kill your SEO.

What is a migration?

Moving your site to a new domain name, retiring an old site, or merging two or more sites?

Whenever a website is moved to a new domain name (URL), there's a risk of losing previous levels of organic SEO traffic.

Similarly, when two or more sites are merged into one site, a solid SEO migration plan is required. Often, sites don't plan for these changes and never achieve their previous organic traffic numbers.

Smooth Migration

Moving domains without a solid SEO plan can result in serious traffic declines.

It's far better to prevent this with good SEO while the migration is being planned rather than trying to cure it later. Our team works with your marketing, development and product departments to create a comprehensive migration plan. We're there for you during your planning phase, and, when the migration happens, we're on call to make sure that everything is a success.

SEO migration plan

Cartello's migration plan.

The foundation of our migration support is our Roadmap offering.

Our migration support takes the form of an SEO Roadmap, with the focus on migration. Before we build a migration Roadmap for you, we'll consult with you and your team on the migration to determine which sites you are moving, merging or retiring. We'll then get clarity on your business goals and broader marketing goals to prepare for the migration.

Let's have a free, no-obligation call to discuss your situation and requirements. Using our thorough approach, we'll set benchmarks for your site's current key KPIs, formulate a redirect plan, do link and crawl audits and set up a post-migration measurement system to track the success of the migration.

As a bonus to this service, we'll consult with you - for free - on your new site to make sure that the new location for your content isn't a bucket-with-holes that may affect your future SEO success.

Let’s Talk

Free Call-back & Migration Plan

Our migration support service is in-fact a very specific type of SEO Roadmap.

Get in touch with us and let's have free, no-obligation call to discuss everything that's required to make this a success. Tell us about the domains (URLs) you're planning on migrating, merging, or retiring.

Let’s Talk

Analysis, Sample Roadmap & Cost Proposal

We'll analyse the current domain (and staging domain if one is provided) and schedule a free call where we can discuss some of the most important requirements.

We'll send you a proposal on cost and a timeline of the SEO aspects of the migration. Learn more about how we determine pricing.


Approval & Team Introductions

If you like what you see in the proposal and give the go-ahead, we'll start work on the migration support.

After an introduction with dev, UX, marketing and other departments on your end, we'll begin working on all the SEO migration elements. We work closely with your team, ensuring full collaboration at all times.


Delivery, Go-Live & Free Support

After key SEO elements are identified we'll begin work on redirect lists, custom reporting, link audits, destination auditing and other actions.

Once the migration is ready, we'll be on hand to make sure that everything is in place. We’ll also give you two weeks of free support from your go-live date.


Looking for more after your migration?

If you're very satisfied with Cartello's migration efforts on your domain, it's worth looking into one of our extended Campaigns for more SEO success. Upgrade from a migration plan to an SEO Campaign and get the cost of the migration paid back to you.


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