Creative Campaigns are specialised SEO Campaigns that drive serious traffic and longevity, all managed and executed by Cartello. Let us work with your marketing and brand teams to build a Creative Campaign alongside your SEO Campaign to generate heaps of leads and sales.

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What is a Creative Campaign?

SEO meets creative marketing.

Cartello's full service Creative Campaigns include everything a standard Campaign would contain, plus a special engine for accelerated growth.

Creative Campaigns give you a creative edge. These Campaigns are carefully designed to drive large volumes of qualified, quality traffic to your site. Using content marketing, traffic campaigns and other tailored strategies, Creative Campaigns generate long-term SEO growth. We handle all aspects of Creative Campaign, from building required assets to working with your teams for successful launch.

Creative Marketing, SEO & Your Brand

First, we set up everything required to execute a regular SEO Campaign - this includes Roadmaps, schedules, guides, reporting and more. Our team of experts then work with you and your brand managers to define brand values, targets, revenue models and broader marketing goals.

We then formulate and pitch several ideas to create traffic and sales generating content on your site. This is definitely not just putting up another blog post. Our content ideas involve design, UX, development and PR elements, all measured and reported.

Gather Info, Tech & KPIs

We work with brand, marketing, BI and dev teams to determine campaign goals.

We also see how it gels with other marketing efforts, and determine what development requires to integrate the project into the site.
SEO is multi-faceted and Cartello works with all the players client-side. Learn more about how we integrate with your various departments.


Formulate & Pitch Ideas

Our team formulates a few Creative Campaigns.

This pitch includes technical elements of delivery, ensuring that the site can host the new content that often involves custom code, API data and UX elements. Learn more about our individual services, which range from technical SEO support to everything else you need for successful integration.


Source, Quote & Wireframe

After approval and feedback on a chosen Campaign, Cartello will first send a cost estimate for the Campaign.

Once this estimate is approved, we will begin to create wireframes, first-designs and staging installations of the project.

Launch, Promote & Report

Working with your brand, marketing and PR departments, we launch the content.

At this point, we've already set up reporting views to specifically look at the KPIs and metrics associated with the roll-out of the Creative Campaign.

Why buy a Creative Campaign?

Because this is modern linkbuilding

Fuel for the SEO fire

SEO and Creative Campaigns complement each other perfectly. You have to get your foundations correct if your site is to succeed and our SEO Campaigns do exactly that.

As well as generating traffic, sales and brand-awareness in the short term, these Creative Campaigns are the fertiliser for future SEO growth.

The more links your site receives, the better your SEO growth. These Campaigns all have the implicit goal of building links and growing SEO in the long-term

Modern linkbuilding requires a fresh approach

Skyscraper Content - Scalable Linkbuilding Strategy

The Skyscraper technique takes trending content to a new level. You don't need a massive team to create powerful Skyscraper content. We pull in all the resources to make sure that your content is seen by the right people. We handle everything from research to ideation, wireframing, designing and coding, planning your content carefully for maximum exposure.

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