54% increase in revenue in a single year


Young, fun and original, NAMSHI offers a totally unique online retail experience for the Middle East. Its vast product mix includes exclusive in-house collections, sports & activewear and globally-recognised brands, carefully curated for a style-obsessed following.

We increased their overal revenue by 54%, non-branded traffic by 55%. Cartello also successfully carried out Arabic SEO for all their regions, delivering 48% increase in sessions and 16% in revenue in Saudi Arabia. We gained top rankings for brands like adidas, nike, new balance and for shoes, dresses, sneakers, Arabian clothing and much more.


We developed an international SEO strategy that successfully reached English and Arabic customers across the middle east.

Technical SEO

After several  workshops we had a good understanding of their market, and the challenges their platform faced. We delivered a thorough audit organised onto a roadmap with key milestones and sprints. Detailed tickets, guides and videos to help developers with a key focus on mobile.

Mobile revenue contributes 80% to overall revenue and with Google's mobile first approach we fixed parity across desktop and mobile. We cleaned up Google's crawl and shaped internal linking to support high value brands and categories. We cleaned up the structured data. Removed a manual penalty and disavowed links.

We optimised category pages and generated many combination pages like brand + category, category + colour. We eradicated duplicates and cleaned up product  pages.

On-site Link Manager for Arabic and English built for the client

Improved their non-brand CTR by using strong commercial messages that stands out in a sea of sameness. We saw a huge increase in average rank after boosting CTR across thousands of pages.

Improved non-brand CTR

Internation SEO

With consumers across UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar in both English and Arabic, having a solid international SEO strategy is imperative. We implemented hreflang, targeted regions and top cities and gained top rankings for local searches across many brands and categories.

Arabic Titles and Meta Rules Developed by Cartello

English and Arabic Copy Produced by Cartello


The result is a 54% increase in revenue.


English and Arabic Copy Developed


Increase in non-brand CTR


Increase in Revenue


Increase in non-brand traffic

"I have had the pleasure of working with Cartello since November 2018 till date. One of the initial challenges that we faced before Cartello came on was to deal with a sitewide Google Penalty for one of our top country website. This issue was handled seamlessly by Cartello and within 2 weeks our site's ranking was restored completely and we not only restored rankings but also scaled up organic traffic by more than 56% year on year. Cartello also helped is get on top of our technical challenges , seo content in English and Arabic and ensured that our app is fully optimized in the App Store which helped us gain more organic installs for both our iOS and Android apps. Cartello was also able to identify the SEO gaps and content opportunities in our Arabic sites and their SEO fixes and content service helped us outrank our competitors in Arabic and we experience exponential year on year growth not only in SEO traffic but also in revenue. I highly recommend Cartello's services for any e-commerce company that is looking to increase their organic traffic foothold not only in English but also in other languages as well. It is amazing to work with Pierre and Paul who are not only very professional and experts in SEO but also very patient to answer every type of question with regards to SEO and they take pride in offering excellent services."

- Ali Naveed, Digital Manager, Namshi.com

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