5 min read. January 1, 2019

Our New Brand

We’ve got exciting news to share today – Cartello has a new look!

As we continue to grow and expand our areas of focus, we want our brand to best reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we’re headed.

We’ve spent the last two years focussing on our clients and building relationships (and delivering results for them). We felt it was time for our own brand to reflect the same level of professionalism our clients had begun to expect from our work. Today, we’re taking a bold step forward with an all-new brand and website that we believe better reflects who we are and our ambitions.

Understanding our business

In order to create a new brand, we first needed to reflect on who Cartello has become over the past two years. We partnered with a design company called Render Intent to help us gain a new perspective of who we are and where we want to go as a company.

Three workshops and many post-it notes later, we had re-imagined our value proposition, understood our target market better and defined our business principles. We reached an understanding that will guide us as a company to better serve our clients and staff. This understanding would serve as the base for our new brand identity.

Creating our new brand identity

After reflecting on our business and where we’re heading, it was time for Render Intent to explore ways to express the Cartello brand in the best light.

The result was a brand identity focused on illuminating products and people.

Our new logo

Our logo is a simple expression of our focus and purpose, which is to help online retailers hit their growth targets. Simply put, we connect products to people.



We wanted photography that had a retail feel, a little humour and authenticity. It was important to have the right faces to represent the three main roles we serve: CMO, CTO and CEO. Render Intent and Myles Dicky (photographer) managed to get everything done in two days and the results speak for themselves.

Launching our new website

During the process of wireframing the website, we created a list of assumptions that needed validation. Once the site was built, we sent it out to our key user types - CMOs, CTOs and CEOs - to get feedback on how we could improve the website before we launch.

As of today, we’ve released Cartello’s brand 2.0 out into the wild, and gradually, over the coming months, we’ll be keeping you updated on the latest in ecommerce and in-depth SEO here on our insights blog.

Much more to come – onward, team!

- Paul & Pierre

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