3 min read. June 1, 2019

Cartello has a new look

Today we are excited to share Cartello’s new look and why we’ve made these brand updates. Showcasing who we are, how we’ve grown and what we do. Our new look shows you how our successes could be mirrored in the work we’d do for you.

As we continue to grow and expand our areas of focus, we want our brand to best reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we’re heading.

Over the last two years, our focus has been on our clients and building relationships while we successfully deliver results for them. We’ve been privileged to work with some amazing clients and we felt it was time for our own brand to reflect the same level of professionalism our clients know to expect from our work.

So, how have we done this?

In order to create a new brand, we first needed to reflect on what Cartello has become over the past two years. Three workshops and many post-it notes later, we have re-imagined our value proposition, expanded our understanding of our target market and defined our business principles. All to serve as the base for our new brand identity and better serve our clients.

What’s changed?

Everything but our name- In the looks department, we’ve overhauled our brand entirely. We’ve updated our logo, fonts, colours, and imagery style.

We’ve sharpened the way we approach our work and how we think about people engaging us. Everything we create now has a set of principles to follow that convey a consistent message of our values and how we operate as a company. The result of our novel thinking has been that our website has evolved from a one-pager to a tool to learn about us and get information fast. A website that empowers our potential, and existing clients. To do this, we focused on four major ideas:

  • Our support articles (also known as our Guides) walk our customers through our services to ensure that they can maximize our value-add to their business.
  • Accessing help is even easier than before – you can now chat to us immediately via our website
  • We took the time to better understand who it is we speak to – creating pages that speak specifically to your needs. Helping you as CMO, CTO or CEO to utilize our services to your greatest advantage.
  • We’ve created a unique system that ensures you get a quote tailored to your company’s specific needs really quickly

Find out everything you need to know about working with us.

Our Brand Identity

After reflecting on our business and where we’re heading, it was time for us to explore different ways to showcase the Cartello brand. The result is a brand identity focused on illuminating products and people.

Our Brand Image

Through the images, we want our brand to have a retail feel, authenticity and a touch of humour. It was important to us that we have the right faces to represent the three main roles we serve: CMO, CTO and CEO. Thanks to the great work done by Render Intent Design Studio and photographer Myles Dicky the results speak for themselves.

Our New Website

During the brainstorming for our new website, we created a list of assumptions. To make sure we were spot on with what our key users - CMOs, CTOs and CEOs – needed we got their feedback on how we could further improve our website before we launched.

As of today, we’ve released Cartello’s brand 2.0 into the wild and over the coming months, we’ll be keeping you updated on any further improvements we make.

Much more to come – onward, team!

- Paul & Pierre

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